"First, Do No Harm."

Here's a little bit about me, Donald Lower. I was born and raised in North London, England. My thirst for learning about all things mechanical started almost as soon as I could walk, dismantling and reassembling old clocks, wind-up gramophones, bicycles and then on to motorcycles and cars.

My studies in engineering included hands on setting of capstan lathes, milling machines  and other precision machinery. This was followed by an apprenticeship at a Lucas dealership, which included full Lucas training, from rebuilding units to diagnosing problems. I progressed to become shop foreman.

My introduction to RR cars was when I was contracted by a local body shop to rewire a Bentley Continental, completing its restoration after major body work.

From that time on, RR vehicles commanded my full attention.

In those early days in the UK, I also worked on Jaguar cars and found each Marque intriguing.

I started receiving requests for information from a Rolls Royce owner in the States and I decided to take the plunge and relocate. I arrived in Miami in the 1980’s to find it awash with Rolls Royces of all types. A business was soon opened on Biscayne Boulevard, just up from Braman Motors, a Rolls Royce dealer. A good relationship grew and Braman sent the Clouds and older classic vehicles to me and I sent the newer cars to them. Business flourished for us both.

Although life in Florida was pleasant, the heat and the hurricanes were starting to become a chore. When a client offered me an opportunity to move to Atlanta as curator of his vast collection of vintage and collectible cars, I accepted. I restored and customized numerous antique automobiles with fuel injection, air conditioning, power steering, bodywork, woodwork, paint, replacement interiors, etc.

Considering most of the vehicles dated from the 1940’s, restoration was no small task! In every instance, the work was performed in a subtle manner so as not to compromise the original appearance or character of these magnificent motoring machines.